May 5, 2013

Fuck Anwar

GE 13 has just been completed and BN won against Pakatan 133 to 89.

Do you know why Pakatan lost?  There are many reasons but the main reason is that they chose the wrong fucker to be their leader, Anwar.  Anwar has proven to have no brains at all since Mahathir's time.  It's simple:  if he had brains he would not have gone against Maha-tiu (supreme fucker) in the first place.  And Mahatiu put him in for six years.  He come out still not yet learn anything.  Of course he cannot learn, because his brain is only fucking green-bean-sized.

Politics is war.  Of course the fucker doesn't understand.   You expect BN bastards to fold their hands and let you win just like that meh?  They have to go to jail, man!  Of course you don't expect them to just sit around and wait to die.  What can they do?

You must ask that question and make sure you manage all the answers.  Then only can win ma.  They can spend money on propaganda.  If that doesn't work, the will send in the Bangla voters and phantom voters.  If that doesn't work they will do something with the counting of votes.

If Fucker Anwar want to be king of Malaysia he must be able to control the counting of votes ma.  He gotta pakat with the police to make sure they put in HIS ballot boxes instead of Najis ones.  If he can't do this and he still want to be king, fuck him lah.  Niamahkahai.

And Lim Kit Siang fucker want to carry his balls some more.  Hamkachan also no brains depend on Anwar to win.  And the other fucker no need to say lar - Nik Aziz.  Fahai same no brains like Anwar.  He's really not interested lah - he just want Hudud and diok your gugu, cut off your cock, everything else not important.  You tell him politics is war he will give you one fucking blank look.

Good luck to you if you waiting for Anwar to change gaverment for you.  And if you waiting DAP and PAST you gotta wait long long lor.........